ArctX is an international software solution provider with 15+ years of experience in the field. Having a number of successful projects completed and in progress currently, ArctX team always strives for success and being in the center of innovation.

Our Products

HolaPay is an innovative and secure E-wallet solution ...
Blipy allows you to instantly receive push notifications ...
01. About Us

How We Work
And Succeed

At ArctX, work ethics is highly valuable.
We are a committed to success team, that esteems collaboration and hard work.
ArctX team and management are determined to provide the smoothest work processes and create value with work invested. We are a team of doers, who strive for excellence and earn respect as outstanding software providers.
02. Mission

Our Mission

Based on talent-oriented and quality-oriented management, we provide superior product development and customer service, and ArctX becomes the most recognized entity in the industry.
Talent-oriented &
quality-oriented management
Superiority product development & customer service
The most recognized entity
in the industry
03. Vision

Our Vision

04. Values

Our Values


Build trust by being transparent
and honest


Work together by mutual respect
and clear communication


Willingness and ability to adapt
to changes

05. Principles

ArctX Principles

Embrace Changes

Be welcoming to changes and feedback from your team.


Fulfill duties and responsibilities in a timely and organized manner

Customer Satisfaction

Aim for customer satisfaction with the delivery of high-quality work


Put the effort to accomplish goals with ease and spend the most efficient amount of time

Face to Face Conversation

Build strong collaborative relationships and seamless communication with teammates


Mutually cooperate, motivate and encourage team members to build healthy workplace relationships

06. Contact Us

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