ArctX is an international software solution provider with 15+ years of experience in the field. Having a number of successful projects completed and in progress currently, ArctX team always strives for success and being in the center of innovation.

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HolaPay is an innovative and secure E-wallet solution ...
Blipy allows you to instantly receive push notifications ...


The Legal Department’s vision is protecting the legal interests and rights of ArctX and its employees; Raising legal awareness within the company. Enhancement of business growth from the perspective of law is of most importance to the team, and they do everything to assure complete and proper solutions to all legal issues
Having their catchphrase as “Legally speaking…” our Legal team always organizes after-work team buildings, group work, and more activities to discuss both professional topics, and have fun.

Diana Sakanyan

Department Head
‘Make it possible!
Be the best at what you do!’


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