ArctX is an international software solution provider with 15+ years of experience in the field. Having a number of successful projects completed and in progress currently, ArctX team always strives for success and being in the center of innovation.

Our Products

HolaPay is an innovative and secure E-wallet solution ...
Blipy allows you to instantly receive push notifications ...

International Legal Affairs

The team of certified international legal professionals is determined to provide outstanding legal services that deliver the best possible outcomes for ArctX and its products. With professional legal advice and guidance, this team maintains all international legal processes to run smoothly.
As a team of individuals determined to deliver high-quality results, the International Legal Affairs Department takes frequent team coffee breaks and enjoys good conversations.

Liana Sahakyan

Department Head
'My favorite quote is from Michael Jordan “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, and all our team stands by this. '


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