ArctX is an international software solution provider with 15+ years of experience in the field. Having a number of successful projects completed and in progress currently, ArctX team always strives for success and being in the center of innovation.

Our Products

HolaPay is an innovative and secure E-wallet solution ...
Blipy allows you to instantly receive push notifications ...
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    HolaPay is an innovative and secure E-wallet solution that allows you to do worldwide e-money transactions with just one touch. At HolaPay, we offer a limitless world where you can easily transfer Hola Money anytime and anywhere. Peer-to-peer transactions have never been this easy. With our modern P2P transaction system, you can transfer money to users from all over the world without any commission fee. Holapay supports different major currencies including USD, AUD, ARS, and KRW.
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    Blipy allows you to instantly receive push notifications on your mobile device and act on them in real-time. Your channel subscribers will receive real-time notifications on their mobile devices. They can view notifications and check the most popular news feed or updates. This also provides a user-friendly interface where a user can manage and customize the type of notifications they would like to receive. Blipy provides exclusive 24/7 customer support and has a simple channel management system to send push notifications.
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    iGaming Platform

    An online gaming platform is a comprehensive software solution for launching and managing a fully-functioning gaming business with easy integration and fast access to thousands of games from the best providers on the market. With our iGaming platform, you can get a wide variety of powerful tools that can help you enhance the performance of your business and give the best user experience to your players - all in one place.
    Goal attainment, high-quality service, flexible products, and high security are what you get with the iGaming platform. Our mission is to facilitate business growth for our clients by providing them with high-quality products and professional services.